baby i love you #1st lady

Jumat, 10 Juni 2011

Baby I love you and I'll never let you go
But if I have to boy I think that you should know
All the love we made can never be erased
And I promise you that you will never be replaced (2x)

I love you ,yes I do
I'll be with you as long as you want me to
Until(until) the end(the end) of time(of time)

Trying to Make Up Graduation

Rabu, 08 Juni 2011

aku berfikir aku tak bisa, aku kira aku tak sanggup.
ya aku tak tau apa yg harus aku lakukan.
aku terdesak aku mau mencoba
ya dan itu benar.. tak ada sesuatu yg tak bisa..
tak ada sesuatu yg tak mungkin...

Morning Full of Happiness ^.^

This morning I felt very happy ...
either do not know what makes me feel happy ..
when the eyes open I just smile and pray "Ya Allah ridhoi dan lancarkanlah hari ku ini. Tumpahkanlah rahmatmu kepada ku beserta orang-orang yang ku sayangi aamiinn".
when the sun rises the happier hearts .. do not forget to greet her lover with wake prayers at dawn .. after greeting drinking warm milk with my beloved father in front of the television while watching the show faithfully "DAMAINYA INDONESIAKU" ..
until my beloved brother is ready to go to school .. and with a cheerful heart that I deliver he at school ..
God bless ya-allah .. how much grace and gift in this day .. :)